Axel Pedersen El ApS is looking for an electrician & a motivating site foreman who is passionate about positive management and documentation work

Are you the type of electrician who prioritizes putting yourself in the place of the customer and your employees – and who communicates well both with the director and the apprentice? Do you feel equally comfortable in the company of the director and with your team?

Thus, we hope that you want to be part of a strong professional team at Axel Pedersen El ApS, where we are ready with environmentally friendly electricity and heating solutions for businesses and private homes – and where you are an important part in the performance of electrical work, ensuring documentation and high quality at our partner in Odense SØ centrally located by the E20 highway.

At Axel Pedersen El ApS, we are in the process of developing and optimizing our company!

  • Thus, we are looking for a motivating site chairman & electrician with a positive and development-oriented drive. We are looking for YOU who are passionate about positive leadership and who always take the lead and pull your team in the same direction.
  • And we are looking for YOU, who have the knowledge of how all components interact when performing tasks within network installation.

Medarbejder ved Axel Pedersen ApS

You have to be fluent in English. 

A little about you and your professionalism

  • As an experienced electrician, you easily see solutions and opportunities.
  • You are a “problem solver” helping our customer understand how a specific electrical solution works to their advantage now and in future. You know the rules and requirements for electrical installations, and you are familiar with troubleshooting.
  • You are the person ensuring a good overview by a structured approach to work, so that everyone in your team knows about the day’s tasks and any challenges. Thus, the customer’s tasks are solved according to plan.
  • You communicate well. And as you are an inspiring team leader, you talk both to the customer on the site and to colleagues while listening to their needs and any ideas.
  • Through dialogue, you involve your employees in the everyday life and in major decisions.
  • You can easily judge what is relevant information to pass on in specific situations.

A little about the job

At our partner in Odense SØ, you will have a flexible working-day with versatile tasks. And as our new site foreman, your primary focus will be to ensure that the daily tasks are solved – as well as to ensure a high level of job satisfaction and well-being in your team.


Your area of responsibility also includes that you:

  • Yourself perform the job of an electrician
  • Are responsible for the development of your team.
  • Have the ongoing dialogue with our partner.
  • Contribute to creating commitment and motivation in the team.
  • Make sure that your team has the right materials and tools on time.
  • Can carry out documentation meeting our partners’ standards.

If you want to improve your skills in your field, we offer you courses and continuing education relevant for both you and us. And if you want to learn new things and work in other areas of our company, there are plenty of opportunities to improve your skills in climate and energy, industry, ventilation, or security.

Axel Pedersen ApS i Nyborg

Axel Pedersen El ApS

At Axel Pedersen El ApS, the distance between the top management and the apprentice is short! We see ourselves as one team. A community.

We are a dedicated team of young technicians, each of whom specializes in a wide range of industries. But our mission is equally important to all of us: We create value for our customers by ALWAYS ensuring good craftsmanship. Delivered on time!

Just as we do not compromise on the quality of our work, we do not compromise on our values. We want to attract the best in the industry! And we can only do this because we have created a workplace that takes the individual into account and makes going to work a pleasure.

This means that we do everything we can to ensure that your private life and work life are as interconnected as possible.

We take care of you both physically and mentally – and have a masseur, therapist and company consultant attached to the company.

Advantages we offer:

  • Salary according to qualifications
  • Mobile and tablet
  • Solid health insurance
  • Focus on professional and personal development
  • Become a part of a community creating energy and joy – every day!
Axel Pedersen Nyborg

Do you want to join Axel Pedersen ApS?
At Axel Pedersen El ApS, you become part of a team, where we prioritize having fun together in an informal tone, and where we are honest (and loving) towards each other.

In relation to you, we are curious about your future goals and how we can help meet them. So feel free to tell us a little about your work experience and your ambitions.

If you have any questions to the position, you are welcome to reach out to either:

Thomas Nielsen, owner
+45 30 50 75 76

And if you are already ready to pull on your work clothes, send your application and your CV to Axel Pedersen El ApS at 📧

Application deadline: We want the position filled as soon as possible and convene an interview on an ongoing basis.

We are ready for a quick hiring and look forward to hearing from you!